Marriage credit: 41% of French people think they will use credit to finance their marriage

Published on by Delphine from OltottMesz

During this month of June, the Sofinco barometer offers us a study concerning households and more particularly the budget they devote to marriage.

As we know, a wedding is an event that is prepared well in advance and remains relatively expensive. The average budget spent on marriage is estimated to be US $ 8,257 according to respondents. However, this sum varies greatly depending on a good number of parameters which must be taken into account.

The budget granted to the wedding depends largely on the income of the couple, according to the study this amount can vary from simple to double between modest incomes and the incomes of the wealthiest. The other point put forward by the study is the number of guests, this factor obviously plays an important role on the final amount spent on a wedding.

Another factor that comes into play, other than income, is the domicile of the bride and groom, people living in the Paris region would, according to the survey, grant a higher budget to this event unlike people residing in the provinces. In addition, the age of the bride and groom would also be taken into account.

For a very large number of French people (85%), savings remain one of the most used sources of financing for the organization of a wedding, however at present, more than 40% of French all plan to resort to credit. for their marriage . It should also be noted that one in three would consider crowdfunding.

Even if many of the people questioned do not wish to save on the most expensive element of the wedding which for them seems to be the meal, caterer, cake (for 61% of French people), for most of the people polled (83 %), the budget is a real constraint for the organization of a wedding when they are only 15% to spend lavishly on this famous event.

Source: Le Sofinscope - OpinionWay Barometer for SOFINCO
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