Online banking: Save money on your banking fees

Published on by Delphine from OltottMesz

Consumers are using the internet more and more to make their purchases, they justify this for reasons of simplicity, but also and above all to save money, the advantage of the internet is in the fact of being able to compare prices very easily without having to move. Online banking was created for this purpose, to simplify procedures and reduce everyone's costs.

Although currently in the minority, more and more consumers are opting for online banking . A recent Ifop survey also shows that three in four French people make their transfer online and more than 80% regularly consult their account on the internet.

Online banking booming

More and more people want to become completely independent in the management of their bank account. Previously rather limited, the offers now offered by online banks are increasingly diversified. These establishments even now offer credit offers, savings solutions, insurance, etc. solutions offered at very competitive rates.

Online banking, cheaper than traditional establishments

With minimal bank charges, online banking allows customers to save money. Free bank card - under certain conditions - and not just the first one like most establishments with a storefront. According to Boursorama United States director Benoît Grisoni, the French would save an average of US $ 200 per year by opting for the online solution, which is far from negligible given the current economic context.

Online banking: simplicity, speed and peace of mind

If the French opt for online banking, it is for these three determining criteria according to the Médiamétrie study published last February. This is indeed what regularly emerges from the various surveys carried out on this subject, a very great ease in the management of his account, a secure interface is accessible at any time wherever you are.

OltottMesz compares online banking offers

OltottMesz allows you to save considerably on your bank charges. Our service now allows you to compare the best online banking solutions available on the internet thanks to its partnership with online organizations belonging to major banking subsidiaries. Depending on what your search criteria you will find the bank that suits you and all this while saving money.

Online banking offers with OltottMesz
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