The ideal profile to benefit from a mortgage at the best rate

Published on by Delphine from OltottMesz

You are a young couple and want to invest in real estate for the first time, the good news is you have the typical profile that most banks are looking for. This is what emerges from the recent study called "the darlings of banks" carried out by, a brokerage company specializing in mortgage loans.

The aim of this study was to establish a typical profile of people likely to obtain the best rate when applying for a mortgage . While you might think that being young with little personal intake might be a constraint, the barometer shows us that it's actually quite the opposite.

The first thing to know is that in most of the cases identified, the bank undoubtedly favors income over personal contribution, which represents for it an additional guarantee of security, even if in most cases a minimum contribution allowing to cover costs will often be required.

If we follow this logic we can therefore conclude that a couple with two salaries will be privileged to a single applicant even if the latter has a more substantial contribution. The combination of the couple's two salaries will constitute a greater financial contribution with a lower debt ratio.

But then why should a young couple be privileged over an older couple? Financing a young couple, the banks see a benefit in the long term and a "strong potential" that this type of profile releases. "A couple will often domiciliate 2 salaries, succeed in mobilizing more contribution and then have projects and a longer-term vision with the key to the subscription of savings and investment products" also notes Sandrine Allonier, responsible for bank relations at

Another important fact, as mortgage rates are currently at their lowest, future credit renegotiations will therefore be very limited and could also prevent banks from seeing their customers redirected to another organization for a loan buyback .

Finally, even if an ideal profile seems to have been drawn up, many people, whether they are couples or single, young or even older, in a majority of cases they will be able to borrow at very attractive rates and in many cases. cases at a rate of less than 3%, and this everywhere in United States.

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