Revolving credit: the French repay their credit faster

Published on by Delphine from OltottMesz

With a difficult economic context and a hardening of the law on consumption (Lagarde law), financial organizations have had no other choice than to adapt to these unfavorable conditions, in order to hope to save their most targeted by the new measures imposed by the government: revolving credit.

The French are changing their habits

Consumers who now subscribe to a revolving credit offer have become accustomed to reducing the number of repayment terms. According to Isabelle Chevelard, director at Cetelem, more than a quarter of users even wanted to repay their revolving credit in less than two years.

It also proves that French consumers are well aware of the problems associated with misuse and therefore now use this product in a more reasonable manner. Also, and in order to compensate for a certain shortfall, credit organizations such as Cetelem , have therefore re-adapted their offers to their customers.

"We wanted to adapt to the expectations of our customers by offering them an offer that makes it possible to finance small projects or finance unforeseen events, without systematically resorting to bank overdrafts", indicates Isabelle Chevelard.

Previously so decried by consumer associations, who saw in it one of the main causes of the over-indebtedness of the population, this product is now more secure although it is still quite expensive. The use of this type of product nevertheless remains a relatively interesting alternative for unforeseen expenses.

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