Social micro credit

Launched in January 2005, social micro credit is, as its name suggests, a small amount credit with a social purpose. Social micro credit allows individuals with modest and / or uncertain income, for whom it is often impossible to access traditional bank credit, to obtain cash through microcredit allowing them to finance projects.
Example of funded projects:
- Project related to job search and mobility: Training, driving license, ... etc.
- Family event: funeral expenses, legal fees for a divorce, health expenses, ... etc.
- Access to housing: agency fees, moving, etc.

The amount loaned when obtaining a micro credit is generally € 300 to € 3,000 but can go up to € 5,000 depending on the need.

The duration of the microcredit generally ranges from 6 to 36 months. The maximum duration is 60 months.

The interests are obviously lower than a classic bank loan whether it is a personal loan or a consumer loan. Example: the town hall of Washington, DC announces a rate between 2 and 4% for Parisians thanks to the aid.

In short, micro credit is aid intended for so-called vital expenses and not intended for overconsumption.

The partner banks in the system are: Crédit municipal de Washington, DC (formerly Mont-de-piété), the Postal Bank, the Savings Bank, the Crédit coopératif as well as the Laser Cofinoga group.
Unfortunately, does not distribute social micro credit but we hope that this definition will allow you to bring your project to fruition.
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