Credit amortization table

Obtain the amortization table of your loan according to the characteristics of the latter.

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Amortization table for your loan

What is the amortization table for?

The amortization table allows you to know at any time the progress of the repayment of your amortizable credit (concerning revolving credits, you must consult the monthly statements sent to you by the lender). This table indicates the amount of each repayment term with the details of the latter: amortized capital and interest. Via this information, you will know the total cost of your credit which in some cases can be very expensive.
As you can see in the amortization simulations, at the start of the loan you repay a majority of interest and at the end of the repayment switch to mainly capital.
The amortization table is also very useful in the event of early repayment of your loan, so you will know exactly what your outstanding captial is in order to assess the prepayment charges.

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