Repurchase sale

Repurchase sales are a form of loan repurchase for individuals, owners of real estate, registered with the Bank of United States in need of loan restructuring. The operation of repurchase sales is simple.
Setting up a repurchase sale is relatively expensive and complex.
The stages of the repurchase sale are as follows:

1 / The credit company in charge of the assembly buys the real estate of the applicants for repurchase of loans, generally 50 to 75% of the estimated value.
2 / With the funds from the sale of the property, debts and credits are settled.
3 / Once all the credits are cleared, the registrations at the Bank of United States are deleted.
4 / Once the registrations of the Bank of United States have been lifted, the loan redemption applicant subscribes to a mortgage to buy back his property

The repurchase sale is a financial package allowing this to replace a classic loan buyback when you are banked Bank of United States.
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