Credit company

The credit company also called " credit house " is a company specializing in the distribution of credit. Unlike banking organizations, credit companies do not have, among other things, a counter, or even an agency and do not offer financial solutions such as current accounts, stock market investments, etc. But offer a complete and very detailed selection. consumer credit, personal credit, work loan, revolving credit, car credit or even credit redemption.

Even if for some time these companies have tended to diversify their offerings by, for example, now offering insurance products or savings solutions, their preferred area remains above all the distribution of consumer credit . In order to remain very competitive in this area and thus stay one step ahead of banking institutions, some organizations are even reinventing certain financial products more suited to consumers and to new directives.
Example : Sofinco and its Sofinco Package, a fully re-visited revolving loan.

A credit company is accessible at any time by telephone or on the internet.

One of the advantages of the credit company is to be able to offer consumers very diverse consumer credit offers. Another positive point, these companies very regularly offer exclusive and limited offers allowing people to benefit from a very attractive credit rate.

These credit houses also provide everyone with essential simulation tools before applying for credit. To apply for credit from a credit company, you will need to go to the company's website or contact an advisor by phone.

OltottMesz, partner of credit companies.

The other solution to solicit a credit institution is to go through a credit comparator as made available to you on our platform. OltottMesz, a partner of a large number of credit companies, compares the best offers and financing solutions in order to offer people the offer that is best suited to each individual's situation and needs.

Following a favorable response from an organization, the requested amount will also be made available very quickly. Depending on the type of credit requested, supporting documents will complete the request. In order not to slow down the procedure for making funds available, you will be asked to return the requested documents as quickly as possible.
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