Bank loan simulation

Performing a bank loan simulation is essential before applying for a bank loan or financing. Bank loan simulations allow you to make the best choice in terms of duration or debt. When applying for an online loan, the credit organization's calculator will not add the loan offer according to your profile but simply accept or refuse your credit application

When applying for a bank loan from the bank credit organization Y, Mr. X indicated a period for his financing that was too short (2 years) in order to obtain the best rate. This period generates too large a monthly bank loan payment. The lender will be content to express a refusal because the debt ratio of the loan applicant will exceed the minimum desirable rate. By taking a period of 3 years the debt ratio might have been low enough for the bank loan to be accepted.

This example is also valid for all types of bank credit (real estate credit, repurchase of credits, consumer credit, etc.).

Good simulation.
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