The early repayment consists for the borrower to repay, partially or totally, his credit before the due date provided for when signing the credit agreement.
The most frequent reasons for early repayment of a loan are:
- Following a change in professional and financial situation.
- A restructuring of one or all of the loans.
- The sale of real estate before the end of its loan.

When signing the credit offer, it is essential to consult the terms of the UCI concerning early repayment.
Prepayment penalties are often required by the lender.

Prepayment indemnities are indemnities that are paid to the bank. They are indicated in the prior credit offer (OPC). These early repayment indemnities occur when you repay your loan before the terms indicated on the loan offer.

Generally, these repayment allowances are negotiable before the signing of the loan and vary according to the type of loan.

Often, mortgage repayment indemnities occur when you repay your loan 5 years before the end.

For a personal loan, repayment indemnities are claimed when the loan is repaid before the end of the first 12 monthly loan payments.

Their purpose is to compensate the bank for the costs incurred in taking out the loan.
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