Debt buybacks

Debt Buyback

Similar names of Debt Redemption:
- Loan buyback
- Consolidation of credits
- Debt consolidation

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The over-indebtedness can often find solutions only in the global reorganization of the credits contracted.
However, the number of debt redemption requests is such that the selection is severe. As a general rule, the new debt should not exceed 30 to 35% maximum of the household income (possible rent included).
The possibility of offering a solid guarantee (surety or mortgage) increases the chances of obtaining a debt buyback.

If it is not possible to redeem debts with a new loan, do not hesitate to meet, one by one, each creditor to clearly explain the situation. “Individual” agreements (postponement of monthly payments, increase in the duration of the credit, postponement of unpaid installments) will always be preferable to a long and expensive litigation. For a better success of these procedures, it is imperative to anticipate the consequences of foreseeable problems, ie before the non-payment of installments.

If no amicable agreement is possible, the last resort is to file a file with the departmental over-indebtedness commission which, in view of the file, may impose these arrangements on the creditors in return for significant long-term constraints for the debtor.
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