Proof of credit

For the validation of a loan, funding organizations require supporting documents to confirm the applicant's personal situation (salary, home address, etc.).

Applicants are required to provide these supporting documents required by the requested body. If one of the supporting documents is missing when finalizing the request, the credit file may then be refused. These documents to be provided are, of course, always communicated to the applicant at the end of the entry of the credit application file.

In order not to slow down the process of making the requested sum available, it will be necessary to return these supporting documents to the credit company concerned as soon as possible.

Proof of credit for all types of financing

Even for a loan application not allocated to a specific project, as in the case of a personal loan, organizations require people to provide the necessary supporting documents allowing them to verify the identity, address or even the declared income.

Here is an exhaustive list of supporting documents that may be requested:

- Copy of identity card or passport
- Proof of address (EDF bill or landline, mobile phone)
- Bank or postal identity statement
- Canceled check
- Payslips
- Etc ..

Proof of credit for an affected loan

This is what makes the particularity of an affected credit, the affected loan is an interesting financing solution because in many cases benefiting from a more attractive rate, however to benefit from this type of financing you will have to justify the use of this loan.

Example :
As part of a work loan, it will be necessary, for example, to provide the lender with an estimate for the work requested. Regarding a car loan, an order form for the vehicle in question must be provided.

Its supporting documents must be provided in addition to the supporting documents usually required for any credit request. As with any credit request, if this supporting document (quote or proof of purchase) is not provided by the applicant, the financial institution gives itself the right to put the credit granting procedure on hold or even have it proceed. to a final cancellation.

Also, when applying for financing including a co-borrower, certain supporting documents concerning this person may also be required.
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