Personal credit

Personal credit.

Similar names of personal credit:
- Credit
- Personal credit
- Depreciable personal credit
- Personal loan / repayable

The depreciable personal loan / the personal loan The duration of the personal loan is generally between 12 to 72 months.
- Its amount can vary from € 3,000 to € 60,000 in general.
- Its interest rate is fixed.

A guarantee can be requested based on several elements:

- the specificity of the lending institution (some credit institutions systematically require a pledge or collateral)
- the type of loan (a vehicle loan will often be guaranteed by a pledge)
- customer risk

The most common personal loan guarantees are:

- the pledge of the financed good: an entry in a special register in the prefecture prevents the sale of the good as long as the personal loan is in force and the pledge of the financed good is not lifted or authorizes this sale for the benefit of the lending institution if deadlines are not met.
- the surety: guarantee increasingly required, within the framework of the financing of a vehicle and in particular with the young borrowers.
PLEASE NOTE: personal surety is an important act which can have serious consequences. Never endorse a third party without having carefully considered. Indeed, unlike the borrower who knows his situation day by day and its possible consequences on his lifestyle, the surety does not receive information systematically and can thus "discover" a problem too late. But the surety is as committed as the borrower.
- mortgage guarantee: sometimes, depending on the amount or purpose of the personal loan (provision of funds to a company for example), a mortgage guarantee is requested.
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