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Name of cheap credit :

- Credit at the best rate.
- Low rate credit.
- Low rate credit.

In fact, the cost of a loan depends on the APR, the lower the interest rate, the lower the cost of your loan (you can consult the amortization table of a loan as well as all the cost relating to it). here by clicking here ).

The financing body calculates the cost of the loans it grants according to the following elements:
- Cost of money (EDGE and monetary rate).
- Cost of running the organization.
- Risk of default of payment.
- Organism margin.

We can thus see that the cheapest loans are the least risky with regard to a default in payment in the following order:

- Real estate loan, because the organization can always recover the debt by seizing the real estate.
- Loan Works, which are large financings but the applicant is almost systematically owner which ensures, as on a mortgage, to the lending organization to guarantee the repayment.
- Automobile loan, the vehicle is pledged by the credit organization.

We find below the so-called Dear Credits:

- Revolving credit, which does not include any guarantee and which, despite generally low amounts, is difficult to recover because the procedures are often more expensive than the financing capital.
- Personal and used car loan that does not include any guarantee
- Business credit, generally very expensive due to the high risk of default and closure of the business.

OltottMesz advice:

One of the rare elements that allows the loan applicant to benefit from a more interesting rate ( cheap credit ) is the duration of the credit, the shorter the duration, the less the risk of default is important for the credit organization. .
In summary, the less the duration of the loan, the less the credit is expensive without exceeding a debt ratio of 30 to 35% and calculated according to your financial capacities (to calculate the debt ratio gohere ). It's always about not putting yourself in a situation of over-indebtedness and having trouble paying your monthly loan payments as well as your other monthly and annual charges.
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