Credit in fine

Credit in fine.
The credit in fine is a particular loan which allows the borrower to have a capital and to repay only the interest of the loan. The capital will not be reimbursed until the end of the loan offer. The credit in fine allows to have a sum while reducing the monthly payment of this loan because the repayment of the capital is not included in the monthly payments.
Let's compare a Redeemable Loan to a Fine Credit on a loan of 100,000 US dollars at an interest rate of 4% over 10 years.

Credit In Fine Redeemable loan
Amount borrowed € 100,000 € 100,000
Interest rate 4% 4%
Duration of Funding 10 years 10 years
Monthly payment € 333.33 € 1,012.45

The monthly payment difference is important because in credit in fine the monthly payments only reimburse the interest the remaining capital due is 100,000 € throughout the credit in fine.
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