Student credit

Student credit is exclusively reserved for students and allows them to continue their 3rd cycle of study. The student loan makes it possible to finance the expenses generated by the studies such as supplies or housing. Student bank loans generally offer very attractive interest rates. Banking organizations generally offer this type of loan to retain and recruit their future customers.
Student credit is similar to personal credit with a few differences:
- The amount of the loan can be up to € 30,000 depending on the banking organizations but also on the level of studies already obtained as well as the student's projects.
- The credit interest rate (generally preferential rate).
- The deductible is the period during which the student does not repay the loan capital. This period can be until the end of the planned studies or a little more.
There are two types of deductible for the student loan: partial: the student reimburses only the interest on his student loan or a total deductible: the student does not reimburse the interest or the outstanding capital.
- In the majority of cases, the family or a loved one must stand surety, this has become almost compulsory given the risks taken by the financial organization mainly due to the fact that the student is not yet working.
Before taking out a student loan, it is important to establish your needs.
Similar name student loan.
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