Car loan

The interest rate of a car loan for the borrower is dependent on the amount borrowed from the credit agency.
Calculating your interest rate for a car loan is relatively simple:
Cost of money + Running costs + remuneration + risk (like car insurance).
This interest rate is set upon ratification of the Auto Loan.
This interest rate exists in two forms:
It can be fixed: the fixed rate is a rate that does not vary over the entire term of the loan
It can be variable: the variable rate is a rate that can vary depending on the index chosen by the credit company for both an increase and a decrease.
The automobile rate may vary depending on several parameters:
The personal contribution, the higher it is, the less the lender has to take risks, so this will help to lower the rate.
The duration will also have an effect on the interest rate of the car loan, the shorter the duration, the less the probability of an accident of life unemployment, job loss, has a chance to occur, therefore a credit on a short period means less risk taking.
Names similar to automobile credit:

- Car loan.
- Car loan.
- Auto credit.
- Auto loan.
- Auto loan.
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