- Guarantee from specialized organizations (Housing Credit, etc.): the mortgage guarantee is replaced by the guarantee from an organization which will indemnify the lender in the event of default by the borrower.

Benefits :

- the amount of commissions received by the surety company often turns out to be lower than the amount of mortgage costs, especially as part of these commissions is refundable if no problem has arisen.
However, some surety companies index the amount of the potential reimbursement not on the possible problems that have arisen in the financing file concerned, but on all the “claims” that they had to cover during the period.
- The fact of not taking out a mortgage can in certain cases authorize a signature "under private signature", ie outside a notarial office.

- Personal guarantee: little sought after for this type of loan, unless the borrower is a legal person (SCI, SARL, SA, SNC, etc.). In the latter case, the guarantee of one or more partners is essential.
CAUTION: the personal guarantee is an important act which can prove to be catastrophic in its possible consequences. Never endorse a third party without prior reflection. Indeed, unlike the borrower who knows his situation day by day and its possible consequences on his lifestyle, the surety receives information only episodically (legal minimum once a year) and can thus "discover" a problem too late. Contrary to what is often said, more and more often and more quickly, lenders call on a surety in case of problems.
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