Refusal of credit redemption

posted on 2014-04-14 17:17:54 by sottile # 1
hello why I can not make a repurchase of credit because we are in bank of United States but we want to settle our debt thank you
Answers to this topic
posted on 2014-04-14 18:11:56 by OltottMesz # 2
Hello sir,

At the time of your request, you asked € 1,000 for a repurchase of credit without allusion to any record. First, be aware that this amount is too small. You probably forgot to fill in your current credits. After questioning our revolving credit partners, we were not able to obtain a favorable response.

Regarding your situation, we unfortunately have no partner offering FICP credit redemption.

Rare organizations offer loans to people unfortunately listed, but they ask for the mortgage of real estate. To maximize your chances, your mortgage must be repaid or the rest to be repaid must be relatively low. The procedures are often long and expensive.

We are sorry that we cannot direct you to a specific organization.

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